vera facienda, a Latin expression for ‘things that must be made real’

The people of vera facienda are carefully chosen for their ability to create commercial return from your company’s intangible assets

vera facienda are experts in:

Corporate and business strategy

Corporate governance

Merger management

Organisational structure and design

Organisational performance and measurement

Company performance improvement

We specialise in solutions for larger organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand

We are practical facilitators of long term performance enhancement

vera facienda trades in the knowledge and competencies of the people that bring it together

We engage to make a sustainable change in your company’s short and long term performance

There is no pushing of consulting products; we are not methodologically bound, or theoretically constrained

We will bring together a solution and approach that is as unique as your business At the conclusion, we leave the solution and the capability in your organisation for you to develop further

We have proven this approach in:

  • New Zealand agribusiness industry
  • Australian media
  • Finance industry
  • Technology industry
  • Mutuals and Cooperatives